Watershed Blues Is:

  • a mixed-media comic, that ‘cartoons’ photos by inking them with brush and pen;
  • a meditation on the ecology and history of the Ottawa Valley;
  • a lament, more generally, for the casualties of industrialization;
  • an incoherent aesthetic revolt against life lived through a screen, and padded with plastic;
  • a heartbroken celebration of nature’s resilience, as particularly demonstrated by urban weeds – the forest’s avant-garde;
  • a comic without spandex or punchlines, zombies or femme fatales, sight gags or canned jokes, indie outsiders or awkward first loves – or much else that has been done in comics before.

Watershed Blues by Tim Kitz

Read the original comic all on one page here. Read it one-by-one, with your typical webcomic navigation tool, here.
Read the ongoing conversion of the comic to a fuller book-format all on one page here, and one-by-one here.

You only need an artistic statement when your art has failed to communicate. Read the interview where I try to explain my comic to myself by clicking on the image:










Watershed Blues first found a home in the Leveller, a left-leaning campus newspaper for Ottawa, Canada.