Refreshing Words — My freelance editing and proofreading website. Workshops, resources, and hire-me propaganda for correct, clear, compelling writing.


Abiwin Farmer’s Market — A mini-market in Ottawa that I run and help grow food for. The food’s good for the planet and humans, and grown using organic and eco-utopian methods. Several neighbours and small-scale producers in Lanark band together to send their produce into the city in my truck, so as to to minimize our carbon footprint.


Lanark Ecovillage  — A project to model communal self-sufficiency, mutuality with the land, and the transition away from oil economy. Its facebook and parent site at the 7th Generation Initiative get updated more frequently.


The Leveller — A newspaper that has published and helped me refine initial ideas for many of the things on this site. The Leveller seeks to challenge power and privilege, siding with people over  property. It is also democratic, meaning that it favours open discussion over silencing and secrecy. Within these very general boundaries, the Leveller is primarily interested in being interesting.


Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement Ottawa — A volunteer collective for settlers interested in solidarity and decolonization. Our Basis of Unity explains in more detail what were about, but ‘supporting indigenous struggles for justice’ sums it up nicely. IPSMO also has an active Facebook page and Twitter account because social media.

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