Symmetry's Overrated #9

Thanks to Robyn for the line.

Symmetry's Overrated 10 Digital Big Brother In Nineteen Eighty-Four, omnipresent screens watch and broadcast into people’s lives at all times. Orwell thought this would have to be forced on people; his characters are alternately afraid of these two-way TVs and bored by them. He never could have imagined that we would choose this dystopia of screens, that we would buy the tools of our own oppression, that we would volunteer for our own surveillance. He did not forsee the way we would slip into voluntarily trading our privacy for convenience and connection. He never could have dreamed that the same instrument might provide surveillance, propaganda, and addictive drug – the opiate and oppression of the masses in a single gesture.

This image originally appeared in this article in the Leveller on digital privacy.