Contemporary Colonialism at Barriere Lake

Taken from the  Leveller 7.4

An article where I try to show how famous historic crimes against First Nations run parallel to current government actions against the Algonquins of Barriere Lake. It’s almost like colonialism never ended!

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Timeline of Assimilation and Resistance

A timeline where I tried to provide historical context for the Canadian Idle No More movement. Turns out Euro-Canadian governments have been trying to assimilate Indigenous nations and individuals since contact. From John A. to Trudeau — and Trudeau — they continually put a new progressive face on the same old reasoning and tactics.  Strangely First Nations keep resisting and refusing to give up their identities.

This also originally appeared in the Leveller, but I’m working to bring it up to date for the era of Trudeau Jr’s Liberals and Canada’s big birthday. “150+ Plus Years of Colonialism and Resistance” sounds like a good title to me.

Part 2

Part 3