Heather Heyer (1985-2017) — As long as we resist, we keep hope alive.)

(This tagline is a quotation from Chris Hedges.)

I can’t help feeling like Heather Heyer could have been a friend of mine — maybe even like she could have been me.

The general meaning of Charlottesville seems clear. Through the events there, the alt-right has revealed it’s true face: as fascism 2.0.

But what about the specific meaning of Heather’s death?

Maybe that is asking the wrong question.

At the funeral of Jose “Galeano” Lopeza, a Zapatista teacher murdered by right-wing paramilitaries, Subcomandante Marcos said “Small justice looks so much like revenge… True justice has to do with the buried compañero Galeano. Because we ask ourselves not what to do with his death, but what to do with his life.”

What will we do, not only with Heather’s death, but with her life?

Fortune Cookie Noir #11 Literally

Even the Oxford Dictionary has given in to your misuse of the word.

But then have you seen the Oxford website recently? O how the might have fallen! Forget being authoritative and dignified — if there is website with more SEO pandering, bland stock photos, and clickbait headlines… well, I have yet to see it.

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